About Our Company

Founded in 2003 in Vancouver by Marco Pronto and Suzanne Rushton, Sugar Tubes has grown from being an importer of sugar to a full fledged packaging company. We now supply restaurant and coffee chains from coast to coast!

We had our humble beginnings pounding the pavements and serving coffee shops and restaurants in Vancouver, BC. A few years later we did it all again in Toronto before expanding to our current capacity and glamorous production facility. We steadily built our clientele of individual outlets before expanding to larger chains and distributor networks. We are pleased that Sugar Tubes are now carried by Canada’s leading distributors and wholesalers.

After trying many new innovations, we invented and developed our own technology that caters to industry demands. Today we are the only company that can print custom logos for order sizes as small as a single outlet to large Fortune 500 companies.

What we offer

  • White and raw sugar in European style tube sachets
  • Artificial sweetener, both splenda equivalent and stevia
  • Custom logo packaging at competitive prices
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Small or large volume capacity
  • Elegant and stylish packaging
  • Fully Canadian owned and operated