The Team

Marco Pronto
  • Design Engineering 90%
  • Sales and Marketing 70%
  • Production 80%

Marco Pronto

Founder and Chief Engineer

Marco is based on Toronto and manages all of the Eastern Operations. He heads up printing and packaging operations, and development of new processes. He could be one of the worlds leading sugar engineers. You think we’re kidding, but he could write encyclopedias (wikipedias) about sugar packaging. He has a BSc Honours degree and a long spanning career in Developmental Consulting with the World Bank and other agencies.

Suzanne Rushton
  • Sales and Marketing 100%
  • Sugar Production 40%
  • Web Stuff 90%

Suzanne Rushton


Suzanne manages the Western Canadian sales region and is responsible for client acquisition. She monitors the website so you may direct all complaints or compliments about it to her. Suzanne has a BA in Environmental Geography and her interest in sustainability (not to mention coffee) hasĀ  been a key inspiration to develop and supply Canada with more environmentally efficient products.